The Museum of North Texas History

And Wichita County Archives

720 Indiana - Wichita Falls, Texas


Ralph O. Harvey, Jr.

1911 - 2008

Active for many years in the drilling of oil in Wichita and adjacent counties, Ralph Harvey is an avid historian. A true Civil War buff, his extensive book collection is now a part of the Museum of North Texas History.


As a long-time member and past Chairman of the Wichita County Historical Commission, he  devoted countless hours to the preservation of the records located in the Wichita County Archives. In 1994 the Wichita County Heritage Society presented him with their annual preservation service award. The City of Wichita Falls named him as their first Historian of Record in 1998.


His long-held dream of a history museum is now a reality and the special exhibits gallery is named in his honor.


Ralph passed away on July 8, 2008 at age 96.