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Berkeley Alexander Reports Record Numbers for Introduced GI Activities


General insurance provider Berkeley Alexander saw a record number of mortgage intermediaries and ACIs introducing IG business in December and January 2021.

The numbers are up 31% from the same period last year. The introduction of IG activity means that intermediaries retain the customer relationship but refer the case to the IG provider, rather than the broker citing the policies himself.

Mark Hutchings, Managing Director of Berkeley Alexander, said: “These high volumes of business introduced are unusual and it is great to see brokers seize insurance opportunities and not pass them up.

The problem with modern construction methods

“This is an interesting trend that we think highlights two important themes: not only does it reflect how insanely busy brokers are with exceptionally high volume core mortgage business that they just don’t have. time to manage the IG application process, but more Importantly, they still see the importance of having a GI in place and choosing to pitch the business rather than ditching clients and fueling a gap protection.

“We have kept a close eye on changing customer demands during this pandemic.

“Our staff are versatile, so we are able to provide service to both introductory sales and advisor-led sales – something we believe will become increasingly important in the future. Particularly in a tough insurance market, customer service teams need to be nimble and adaptable post-COVID. “

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