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For a better post-pandemic future, invest in green business management

As vaccination programs around the world finally get underway, the urge to “get back to normal” is at the forefront of most people’s minds. But given that the pre-pandemic normal consisted of a world where rampant pollution, large-scale deforestation and water scarcity, among other climate tragedies, were commonplace, it is increasingly clear that our status what needs to change.

Here in Canada, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – Green Business Management and Sustainability imagines a better future – a new normal where business and responsible care of the earth don’t have to to disagree.

The Green Business Management and Sustainability program is an innovative graduate degree that provides professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to steer businesses and organizations toward environmental and economic sustainability.

“A green approach to business really allows the student to think about what’s possible,” says Tara Immell, a teacher in the program.

Students in the program learn functional and foundational business skills through courses such as accounting and financial management for managers, innovation management, and strategic planning. These skills are developed and applied through hands-on experience in the Graduate Capstone Experience Practicum, where students learn to strategize and innovate for a real organization.

As instructor Luis Villalba describes, “This program is a graduate degree in business administration. Ultimately, we train people to apply, to get jobs. »

However, where it departs from a traditional business administration program is in the way the program skillfully fuses these practical skills with a land and people-focused approach. With courses such as ecological economics and sustainable operations, the program changes the way we see the world and changes the way business people make decisions.

“We focus on a broader set of stakeholders, including the land”

“I see it as a more comprehensive way to approach business,” Immell says. “We focus on a broader set of stakeholders, including Earth.”

Villalba agrees and points out that an essential element of the program is its active culture of empathy and innovation among students.

“By developing empathy for others – by developing empathy for our only source of life, the earth…we can integrate triple bottom line concepts with cost effectiveness.”

With faculty placing a high priority on developing students’ vision and practical skills, students are prepared to be the next generation of forward-thinking business leaders, whatever position calls them, whether it be acts as policy developers, entrepreneurs, economic analysts, business management consultants. , or more.

Many students also choose to further their education by earning their MBA or MAM at the Sustainability Management School in Switzerland through a dual degree opportunity between KPU and SUMAS. “Having more people push towards a possible future is a real and powerful possibility to effect change,” Immell says.

International in scope and practice, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – Green Business Management and Sustainability program connects professionals around the world and gives them the tools and resources to collectively imagine a better post-pandemic future for the earth, and the people who live there.

About the Author:

Mary Chen is the International Communications Coordinator at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, one of the largest public universities in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. KPU enrolls nearly 20,000 full-time students each year, nearly 30% of whom are international, in more than 140 unique programs, including the Graduate Diploma in Green Business Management and Sustainability.

In Mary’s role as International Communications Coordinator, she helps KPU create a community for the thousands of international students, partner institutions, faculty and staff that the University serves. In particular, her exceptional communication skills and strong sense of history help boost international student recruitment and admissions efforts at KPU.