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Mayor Victorino announces $ 1 million small business mortgage and rent relief program


Maui Mayor Michael Victorino. PO Box: Maui County / Brian Perry

Mayor Michael Victorino on Wednesday announced the launch of a $ 1 million direct payment program for mortgages and small business relief to provide a lifeline for businesses struggling to survive the impacts of COVID- 19. Maui County partners with the Maui Chamber of Commerce, which administers the mortgage and rent relief program.

“Reducing commercial rents and mortgages is a top priority for most businesses,” said Mayor Victorino. “This CARES Act funding provides a lifeline to help businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing goods and services to our community and jobs that keep food on the table for local families. We need to help these businesses stay open, especially as we get back on the road to economic recovery. “

Starting October 22, interested business owners can visit and click on the Small Business Mortgage & Rent Relief button. There, potential businesses can find applications and information on eligibility, requirements, necessary documentation, and funding.

Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2020 or while funds are exhausted.

“We are grateful to Mayor Victorino for this funding of the CARES Act to provide urgent commercial mortgages and rent relief to qualified and economically disadvantaged small businesses located in Maui, Moloka’i and Lāna’i,” said the Maui Chamber of Commerce President Pamela Tumpap. “This will relieve some of their now unmanageable commercial mortgage or commercial rent debt. It also benefits commercial lenders and lessors by helping them pay the growing utility and maintenance bills that are also piling up. “


The Small Business Mortgage and Rent Relief Direct Payment Program provides payments of up to $ 12,500 or $ 25,000, depending on the number of employees and the company’s income in 2019. The funds will be allocated until exhaustion. Payments will be made directly to the commercial lender or the small business commercial lessor.


Basic criteria

  • Businesses that employed 10 or more people (including owners) before COVID-19 and reported annual G49 revenues in 2019 of between $ 1,500,000 and $ 4,000,000, can apply for up to $ 12,500 in commercial mortgage direct or commercial rent assistance.
  • Businesses that employed 15 or more people (including owners) before COVID-19 and reported annual G49 revenues in 2019 of between $ 4,000,001 and $ 7,500,000 can apply for up to $ 25,000 in commercial mortgage direct or commercial rent assistance.

Applicants can only apply once, with only one application per married couple, even if both people own a business. Business owners who own all or part of multiple businesses or who are in partnership in more than one business should apply for the business that needs it the most.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Incomplete applications are held until all required information is submitted. The allocation of funds is based on the availability of funds, as well as current needs and challenges. In addition, the fund allocations take into account the likelihood that a business will continue to operate in the future with the assistance provided.


The program is NOT available for:

  • Home businesses
  • Short term rentals
  • Bed and breakfast operations
  • Temporary vacation rentals

The program does not apply to future commercial mortgages or rents beyond the month of application.


  • Applicants must have a valid excise tax general license.
  • Have been a company registered in the State of Hawaii to operate in Maui County and have its registered office in Maui County for two years prior to March 20, 2020.
  • Businesses must be listed as active and in good standing on the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Affairs website.
  • All commercial applicants must demonstrate significant loss of income when comparing their first three quarters of GET of 2019 to their first 3 quarters of GET 2020, and verify significant commercial mortgage or commercial rent debt since March 20, 2020 that has fallen. accrued due to the inability of the business to pay it. given the issues related to COVID 19.

Required documents :

Applicants must provide:

    • A copy of their 2019 Federal Income Tax Overview showing total gross income.
    • A copy of the first 9 months (or 3 quarters, if filed quarterly) of the G45 returns for 2019 and 2020.
    • A statement of commercial mortgage or commercial rent arrears due to demonstrate need.
    • Information on the workforce employed before March 20, 2020 and currently.

Applicants are required to submit a completed certification that they have NOT received assistance from the Kōkua Maui County Small Business Recovery and Relief Fund, Maui County Adjustment Fund and / or the Maui Chamber of Commerce Microenterprise Loan Program.

For more information visit or call (808) 244-0081.